1) Expect You To Do Our Job:
Before you officially begin working with us, our typical duties and your expectations will be discussed in detail and agreed upon. We understand that, whatever your reason, you hired us to do a job that you do not intend to do, and we will honor that agreement . . . period.

2) Charge Any Upfront Fees:
Our business runs not on listings, but the sale of those listings; we do not charge upfront fees and are only paid after your property is sold.

3) Earn Commission on 3rd Party Services:
Our decision to recommend any 3rd party service provider is based solely on the level of service they provide. As a professional, we maintain good business relationships within the industry, but do not benefit when we inform a client of a superior service offered. Any incentives presented from a company as thanks for our business, are denied, or passed directly to our clients as a bonus, and not a reason to choose a particular company.

4) Misrepresent Your Listing:
The ultimate goal is to sell your home, which means presenting it in not only the best, but also, the clearest light. Lack of a water view doesn’t mean your property won’t sell, but that it merely won’t sell to someone requiring a water view. Whether it is the property details, or terms required, all necessary specifics will be made known so time is not wasted on a potential buyer who simply would not purchase a property that does not fit their needs.

5) Advertise Ourselves, Not Your Home:
We simultaneously maintain multiple advertising campaigns as we recognize that promoting our brand and services should not over power the promotion of your home. Our goal is to sell your property and any advertising for your property will relay that focus. All ads, for example, will include the property address, price and specifics (as approved) because inquiries generated from promoting the sale of your home should be from buyers who are genuinely interested in your home.

6) Manipulate In Order to Gain Listings:
As real estate is a facts and figures based business, our group operates using a simple and honest approach- gather the evidence and report the results. We do not over estimate the value of homes or exaggerate our marketing ability to gain listings. We will never promise something we cannot deliver simply because it may be want you want to hear, even if we would lose your business as a result.

7) Put Everything on One Agent’s Shoulders:
It is physically impossible for one person to be all things at all times. Therefore, we function using a team approach. Our group manager oversees all transactions and will be intimately aware of your property details; that administrative support is available, in addition to your dedicated agent. Regardless of whether assistance is needed to set up showings, answer questions or address concerns, an opportunity to advance the sale of your home will never be lost simply because an agent is unavailable.

8) Consider Any Business Method A Must:
Outdated industry traditions and current fads do not control our business; we sell homes using methods that we know work. Every home and market is different and we approach the sale of each property with that in mind. Open houses may work for one property and not another or general advertising may not do a unique property the justice it deserves. We refuse to be stuck in an old school way of thinking and are constantly evolving the way we do business in order to produce even better results for our clients.