Considering leasing/renting your home, condo or townhouse? We use 5 proven steps to lease your property fast, for top dollar with least amount of hassle by making sure your property gets the most exposure and stand out when being compared to other units:

Local MLS – When renting your condo or home, it is imperative to be listed on the MLS considering there are almost 40,000 MLS members in-between Miami-Dade & Broward counties. Trusting Craigslist and other listing services simply is not enough. If you are looking for top dollar, make sure your home is seen by as many prospective tenants and brokers as possible.

Set The Right Price – Lease/Rents will vary depending on location, the building type and available inventory. The key is to “never” try to set your lease too high. You should try to rent your condo at similar rates to other condos of the same product type. A rental analysis is important. If you can determine what other “comparable” units are renting for, then you are taking the right approach to pricing.

We Take Great Pictures – Dark, dreary photos are the best way to ensure that your condo stays on the market for months. Bottom line is, we are a visual society. We trust that what we see is what we get. So with that in mind, doesn’t it make sense to take professional photos? There is a cost associated with it, but ultimately, if it saves you months of sitting on the market, it will seem like a minor expense. Our leasing service will provide this as part of the contract. Photos are the most important element in establishing the level of traffic needed in order to find your perfect tenant.

Get Social With Your Advertising – We utilize social media can be a powerful tool to get the message out when advertising the listings by post your condo for rent on Facebook, Twitter and our blog. The more people that see your listing the better. We make sure your leasing/rental property will not get lost among the thousands of other condo rentals in the area. Exposure, is the name of the game!

Syndication – Online syndication is the new classifieds in the rental business, we use to help your listing ad to syndicate your new listing to services like FrontDoor, Google Base, HotPads, Myspace, Oodle, Trulia, Twitter, Vast and Zillow. Why is this important? Simple, advertising your listing on all these different sites will assist us to gain an additional exposure that will result in faster finding the qualified tenant for your property.


If you are new to being a landlord for the first time, this can can be a daunting experience at first. Below is a list of items that might help you to get started:

First review your HOA documents and find out what restrictions you have agreed to in regard to leasing/renting your home. Verify with your HOA what is the process like for new tenants and minimum leasing/rental terms, if your association will require to fill out a credit application from perspective tenant, if not it is well worth to request to do it with your listing agent or yourself this form can find a many office supply stores or online. Look at it and be sure they have included their Social Security Number, Florida Driver’s license and that they have signed the bottom near the statement that allows you to investigate their credit. Without that, you cannot have one of the Credit checking services run their credit check. This will cost you a few bucks, if possible eliminate the ones that you know will not be suitable, such as hunting dog owners since you only have a small patio, etc.

Open a checking account for your new business. It is important that you treat your rental as a business and hopefully as a profitable one. The bank account will serve to document your expenses and income accurately. If you use the account only for business it makes your new status as an tax paying investor much easier.

You might want to also consider to request prospective tenants past landord/rental history, job and income verification. if you want to do it your self you will need tio take a deposit, make it refundable only if you do not apporve them, check their credit online, call their job, call their old or current landlord. get 3 references and call them. make sure you collect first months rent and 1 month securrity deposit. Most importantly make sure you have a lease or rental agreement that covers you in every situation.