Moving out of your current home and into your new place can be a project unto itself.  And you cannot get started too soon.

When We List Your Home – As soon as we have your home listed, you should get started with the details of your move.
•    Select a mover – get some bids from reputable movers to get an idea of what your costs will be.  If you are planning on doing the move yourself, find out what a truck will cost.
•    Start to get moving materials together, including boxes, tape and markers.
•    De-clutter your home.  Set up a yard sale or simply get rid of everything that is not necessary.

When You Sign A Contract – As soon as you sign a contract, you will know the probable date for closing.
•    Book the movers or reserve a truck
•    Make a list and contact everyone who needs to know you are moving
•    Move your packing into high gear

Two Weeks Before Closing – As the moving day comes closer,
•    Make arrangements for the change of account on all utilities, including any automatic deliveries.  In general, work this out with the buyers of your home so that there is electricity, heat and water available when they do their walk-through inspections.
•    Make certain you have all the records you will need: credit cards, medical and the like

Three Days Before Closing – The last items before you leave.
•    Make provisions for valuables and key records, perhaps including a bank lockbox
•    Use your luggage for items you and your family will need for the first nights out of your home.
•    Finish up the packing
•    Eat out

Moving Day – This will usually be the day before you close.  If you have planned the move well, the process will be reasonably simple.