Price your home right and sell it for more money and in less time.

Now that you have decided to sell your home, and you have asked us to help you, the next most critical question is at what price are you willing to sell.  We can help you with that question.  Not only are we professionals in the business of buying and selling homes, we are a unbiased third party who can look at your home and the current market to give an honest and objective assessment of the right price.

The Most Important Factor Is Comps – The most important factor is what other similar homes in your neighborhood have actually sold for.  Most homes in today’s market will have a number of very similar homes that have sold over the last several months.  We will examine those to see how they compare to your home.

As “Days On Market” Goes Up, Your Price Will Go Down – Many sellers want to list their home at a higher price and then lower it when no buyers come along.  While that may sound like a good idea, the actual practical result is a lower price, for two good reasons.

•    When a home is newly listed, potential buyers will be concerned that someone else will beat them out and they will then frequently be more aggressive in their bid.  If they believe the price is too high for the market they and their Realtor will wait rather than bid.
•    Homes that have been on the market for a longer period of time become suspect.  Bidders and their Realtors will wonder what is wrong with the house, and will bid even lower.
The best price almost always comes in the first few days that a home is listed.

Improvements Are Not Always Reflected In Price – You may have paid for a number of improvements to your home.  They will generally not be reflected in the price that you can sell home for.  You may have paid thousands for new windows or a new roof.  Your selling price will likely not reflect that investment.  In fact, numerous studies have shown that the improvements that are most likely to actually increase the value of your home will be kitchens and bathrooms.  But even those will not increase the value by as much as you paid to have them installed.

Set The Price Right From The Start – Even though it may be painful to you, we can help you determine the best price to start with.  We can analyze the market and target a price that will generate interest.  Then, using our marketing approach, we will let thousands of people know that your home is available.