You have decided to sell your home and we are here to help you do just that.  That means that you will have people roaming through your home with little or no notice.  In those circumstances, there are some elements of “Seller’s Etiquette” that will help you sell your home for the best price.  Here are a few nuggets of advice.

Don’t Turn Done Reasonable Requests To See Your Home – You never know which person will be the one that buys your home.  No matter how annoying potential buyers can be, graciously accommodate them and let them see your place.  Remember – you want to sell.

Don’t Be The Tour Guide – For every potential buyer, leave them alone with their Realtor.  In fact, the best bet is for you to take a quick walk around the block or head to the grocery store.  Leave them twenty to thirty minutes before you return.  They will want to make an honest assessment whether your home fits their needs and you can only make that conversation constrained.  If they contact you without a Realtor, call us and we will shepherd them through your home, pointing out all of the attractive qualities to them.

Report Aggressive Agents – If you are contacted directly by a buyer’s Realtor, get their name and phone number, tell them to contact us and then call us immediately.  It is a violation of Realtor ethics for any other agent to contact you while we are your agent.  This is for good reason.  Because all Realtors conduct real estate negotiations all the time you may be at a real disadvantage when talking to some who does not have your best interests at heart.  It is our job to get you the best available deal – it is the job of the other Realtor to get their client the best deal.  Let us represent you at all stages of the process and you will get the best deal possible!

Help Unsophisticated Buyers By Sending Them To Us – With our marketing plans many potential buyers will become aware of your home.  On occasion, some of those buyers will contact you directly.  If that happens, get their name and phone number and call us immediately.
Buyers that come with a Realtor have a professional with them.  Buyers that are on their own can be anybody, and you should exercise some caution responding to them.  Don’t talk about your home, or give them any information that would cause them to not bid or reduce their offering price.  Even the simplest of comments can inadvertently have a negative impact.

Remember, our obligation is to you and we can do that best if we show your home to any buyer.

Ignore Spam Vendors – If you start to receive unwarranted and bothersome contacts from vendors that are looking for work, let us know.  Our MLS specifically forbids unauthorized use of their information for the purposes of soliciting home sellers.  Our advice is to generally ignore these efforts as they will disappear once you have moved into a new address.