We agrees to perform the following services to help sell your home:

1. Prepare a good faith estimate of anticipated expenses, reflecting the estimated net cash you could receive based on your requested price.

2. Conduct a preliminary qualification of all prospective buyers before showing your home.

3. Assist in arranging affordable financing for the buyer of your home.

4. Make a comparative market analysis of your home based on similar sales and competing properties to estimate the probable selling price.

5. Contact you regularly to report the selling progress of your home and review your competitive selling position every 15 days.

6. Photograph your home for marketing and promotional use.

7. Submit photos of your home for Internet listings with our own Internet sites, Realtor.com, etc.

8. To advise other brokers and other salespersons in the Multiple Listing Service and our multi-office system of the existence of your home.

9. Diligently work to sell your home for the highest price in the fastest time.
Online Exposure: Organic Search Engine Results+Search Engine Marketing.Maximum internet exposure is crucial as 90% of prospective buyers begin their real estate search online.  Ease of use and local, valuable material ensure that search engine traffic not only find our websites, but that those individuals also actively use our websites. Together, search engine optimization and useful content produce over 100,000 website visitors each month.  In turn, your property is exposed to numerous buyers who visit our local websites because they are specifically interested in purchasing South Florida real estate.
Proprietary Buyer Database:We personally manage an expansive database consisting of thousands of past and current customers.  Unlike leads generated from an outside source, these are real people we work with; we understand their needs and they trust our expertise.  Through multiple marketing campaigns, we will expose your home in detail to our database, ensuring that it will be noticed by potential buyers with genuine interest in property like yours.
Social Networking:In our technology driven society, as communication avenues change, so do our marketing strategies and social networking has become the next frontier in online advertising.  There is currently no better way to reach more people more quickly than social networking websites.  From Facebook to Twitter, and everywhere in between, we will promote your home using blogs, posts, direct messages and more.  Exposing your home to as many people and as often as possible is the goal, because at the end of the day, exposure equals sales.
Mobile Marketing: From Mobile Friendly Websites, SMS (Text) Alerts/Reminders to QR Codes, our group strives to be ahead of competition by incorporating mobile advertising into our marketing mix. Statistics claim that by 2013 more people will be accessing websites via their cell phones as opposed to desktops and laptops.  This means that mobile optimized websites are more important now more than ever before.
Regional & International Multiple Listing Service (MLS): For real estate professionals, the Multiple Listing Service is the most widely used and effective tool when locating property for their clients.  As members of the MLS, we are able to share your property information directly with tens of thousands of local real estate agents who are actively searching for property now.
Word of Mouth: Despite an ever-expanding array of advertising platforms, Word of Mouth Advertising (WOM) is still an effective tool our group utilizes in all of our marketing campaigns. Whether it is a mention to our work colleague or personally calling our previous client to inform them of the availability of a great property, every extra bit of exposure helps when dealing with real estate.
Local Real Estate Agents: 90% of real estate is sold by the top 10% of real estate professionals.  We know each other; we work together often and attend the same functions.  We are familiar with the agents who work particular areas and the type of clients they represent.  Through online marketing like emails, and direct word of mouth, we will ensure that the appropriate agents are personally aware of your property.  We will provide agents with the details necessary to effectively  inform their clients of your property, the newly available opportunity they’ve been looking for.
Print Publications: Although print publications were once considered an advertising necessity, they have quickly become obsolete in our fast moving, technological industry.  The time and money required to produce and distribute printed materials is often wasted as we intend to sell your property before some materials would even be available.  Generally speaking, real estate agents who partake in print advertising are typically promoting themselves and their brand. Our concentration is focused solely on selling your home and therefore we choose to only participate in the most efficient methods to do so, our online exposure and cutting edge use of technology, to name a few.
Open House: As our industry continues to shift and produce a more global marketplace, methods of exposure need to be adjusted and evaluated.  It is very easy to schedule an open house but quite another to actually have people attend, which is the ultimate goal- not just an open house but a crowded one.   Because information is so easily attained over thousands of sources via the internet, very few properties are able to create the excitement needed to have a successful open house.  Yet, we are able to flip the script and offer an array of options for those properties that are an absolute must see.  A warm and inviting evening party with gourmet food and entertainment, for example, could better complement a home than would a traditional open house with flyers and brochures.
Yard Sign: The yard sign provides its own unique characteristics in marketing a home where other advertising mediums fall short. We use yard signs (where allowed) to increase traffic, communicate important information and make a stronger curbside impression that stimulates activity around your property. By making people stop, look and think about this home, we help our clients to expand prospective customer base. Curious neighbors and Sunday drivers could become potential buyers.
Online Classifieds: Online Classified Ads is an effective marketing tool that is affordable and can be a highly useful way for extra exposure. We create specifically targeted, full-color ads for your listings which are automatically posted to the leading online directories and search engines.
Collaboration: Our network of local, national and international real estate partners helps us to expand the prospective customer base. We offer our collaborative partners and co-brokering agent a referral program in order to help our clients sell their property in the least amount of time. Because our ultimate goal is to help you sell your property, we share our commission and offer compensation to co-brokering agents, resulting in faster sales.

International Exposure: To achieve the maximum exposure for ultra luxury real estate properties priced  at $1,000 per sq. ft. and above require very different marketing campaign. Our group provides  international exposure for select listings to get the most exposure possible through newspapers, magazines and website classified adds outside of the United States.

27/7 Keeping Sellers Up-To-Date with Transaction Update Manager. Our Transaction Management System (TMS) that lets our group streamline workflow and provide a convenient space to collaborate with clients, agents and service providers throughout the real estate transaction 24/7. Tracking and managing all transaction information and activities from listing through closing, including: listing and sale information, transaction contacts, documents, client satisfaction and all communications throughout the transaction.

Press Releases: Many online article syndication resources, such as Google News, regularly index press releases providing us with a wonderful marketing opportunity.  We generate and distribute press releases to ensure that those resources, as well as other search engines and blogs, receive your property information, ultimately maximizing exposure.
Cutting Edge Advertising: QR (Quick Response) codes are becoming increasingly popular as a fast and easy way to connect online initiatives with offline marketing.  These codes make it much easier for people to visit and obtain more information about the website or individual property listings directly from their smartphones. By using sophisticated Google Analytics software, we can effectively for the first time track the effectiveness of a print campaign!
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